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FBI Subject Matter Expert (SME) IDIQ

Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, the FBI has dramatically increased the number of resources dedicated to intelligence, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and criminal investigations. Due to the limited pool of eligible SMEs in the LE/IC areas, the FBI established a multi-award contract vehicle designed to provide SMEs across a variety of demonstrated areas of operational intelligence expertise to assist with the support and operation of various programs and projects. These distinct and specialized SMEs will supplement the FBI government staff and enhance the Bureau’s ability to perform its mission overall. 

The FBI SME IDIQ Contract Vehicle:

  • Multi-Award Contract Vehicle 

  • Provides SME’s across the enterprise 

  • All Branches and Divisions are eligible to procure the services 

  • Provide Daily operations support to include: 

    • Providing Consultation

    • Data Collection and Analysis

    • Intelligence Interviewing, Training

    • Project Implementation and Management

    • Policy and Program Development

  • Available February 2023 – February 2028

Available LCATs:

  • FBI Subject Matter Experts

  • Data Scientists

  • Program Management

  • IT Enterprise/Business Architecture

  • China Operations SMEs

  • Russia Operations SMEs

  • Counterintelligence SMEs

  • CODIS System SMEs

  • Test Engineer SMEs

  • CI Training Center SMEs


  • Licensed Psychologist SMEs

Points of Contact

Adrian Erich, Program Manager
E |
P | 571-286-2697


Angelina Michetti, Transition Manager
E |
P | 570-259-2225

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